Stiff Neck Remedies

When your neck hurts you want nothing but stiff neck remedies. The range of stiff neck remedies can cover many different kinds of treatments. Some stiff neck remedies you can do on your own while others require professional assistance. Choose which stiff neck remedies you prefer to use whenever your neck starts to hurt. If you get a chronic recurring stiff neck, then you will want a doctor to help you find the source of the problem.

  1. Physical therapy. Physical therapy is an excellent stiff neck remedy because it will not only get rid of the pain, it will help you keep the pain away. Your physical therapist will give you exercises to help strengthen your neck and possibly prevent recurring of neck pain.
  2. Massage therapy. Massage therapy is a good temporary stiff neck remedy. The massage therapist will find the exact point where the pain is coming from, and work out the affected muscles and joints. Be warned that massage therapy can start off as painful, but the end result is worth it.
  3. Heat. In many cases, the best stiff neck remedies apply heat to the affected area to help loosen up the muscles and relieve the pain. You can apply heat through a heat pad or a heating ointment applied to the affected area. Another excellent way to apply heat is by standing under a warm shower and allowing the water to run down your neck.
  4. Stretching. Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of a stiff neck is to stretch your muscles. Be very careful when doing this, and start off slowly. One exercise you can do is to slowly tilt your head from one side to the other, and then back to front. Another exercise that is effective is to slowly lift your left arm and then move it back at the shoulder. Slowly bring you left arm to your side, and then raise your right arm. Keep doing these exercises until the pain is gone.
  5. Chiropractor. If your neck stiffness is persistent, then you may want to see a certified chiropractor. The chiropractor will examine your affected area and may even order x-rays to get a better look. Chiropractic treatment is ongoing and will help prevent further neck stiffness.
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