Sting: Style

While you can certainly learn to dress like Sting, know that it takes a huge dose of attitude and dedication to your physique to really emulate this icon. Sting has stayed in perfect shape over the years and so the first key is to hit the gym.

  1. Exercise regularly in order to pull off the Sting's form fitting T-shirts. Purchase your shirts a size smaller than usual in order to master this look.  A crew neck solid color T-shirt is a staple in his wardrobe.
  2. Copy his early look with striped shirts. In fact, one yellow an black striped sweater in particular won him the nickname, Sting when he played with The Phoenix Jazzmen.. Apparently it made his band mates think of a bumblebee. So Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner became Sting due to an early fashion choice.
  3. Pair tight striped shirts with oversized blazers for a look that marked his years with The Police. This British post-punk wardrobe made a real impact on menswear in the transition from the 70's to the early 80's.
  4. Wear skinny pants under the oversized blazers to complete this early look. His pencil thin pants would not be hard to find today, since skinny jeans have made their way back into the fashion scene.
  5. Take a more stylish approach by emulating more current Sting fashion choices. Sting likes to wear muscle-bearing long sleeve shirts, unbuttoned to better highlight his well toned pecs. He pairs these with fitted leather jackets and classic well fitting trousers. Turtlenecks and fashionably worn scarves are other possibilities when copying Stings impeccable style.
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