Storm The House 3 Cheats

It is no great secret that there are 'Storm the House 3' cheats. It is actually quite obvious since there is a huge menu option called CHEATS. 'Storm the House 3' is one of those games that almost wants you to cheat. It is silly, repetitive and the wave after wave of demented swordsmen will eventually take a toll on your defensive wall, house and psyche. Sure you can waste days trying to come up with the perfect combination of defense and firepower but all it takes is one little slip of the mouse and your house will be overrun, lives will be ruined and many tears will be shed. Hence the cheats. You do not have to win the game to obtain the legendary Fisty McBeef punch. There is a cheat for that.

  1. Time. 'Storm the House 3' steals a lot of time from you. You cannot stop and let the bastards attack your wall so you sweat it while your bladder strains to critical levels and your co-workers stare at you openly in disgust. Or you can use the cheats. To make days pass quickly, just enter 'the living daylights' in the CHEATS menu.
  2. More. More is always better in videogame land. Naturally there are a few 'Storm the House 3' cheats that give you more life, guns and cash. To become eternal, type 'healing the base' in the CHEATS menu. To access all the guns, type 'the world is not enough'. For an endless supply of cash, enter 'diamonds are forever'.
  3. Defense. Anyone who has logged in a few hours or days in 'Storm the House 3' knows it is all about defense. These cheats will help you out without giving you too much power like the ones below. To build a full wall, type 'live and let die' in the CHEATS menu. For more shooting holes, enter 'octopussy'.
  4. Jesus. To become an eternal being means you will never die and you can keep hammering away your foes. It gets old after awhile but we all enjoy the feeling of absolute power. To become a videogame god, enter 'die another day'.
  5. Fist. Ah yes, the dreaded and awesome Fisty McBeef punch. God has nothing on Fisty McBeef. Rather than shoot at your enemy, the Fisty McBeef punch is a large fist that smites all. It crushes the swordsmen like ants. To gain this awesome ability without actually completing the game, enter 'goldfinger' in the CHEATS menu.
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