Strange Animals

With the sheer number of species out there, it comes with little surprise that a few strange animals do exist. More surprising, however, is just how weird some of these animals are. Whether they’re evolutionary afterthoughts or pranks played by a higher power, these animals don’t even seem like they belong on this planet. From funny to downright freaky, these animals roam the earth and sea, perpetuating themselves seemingly against nature’s own will. Below are a few of the strangest – and if thta's not enough check out some funny animal videos.

  1. The Coconut Crab. If you’ve ever seen a stone crab on a seaside vacation, you already know what a coconut crab basically looks like. Now, multiply that stone crab by several times in size, and you’re in the ballpark. These giant crustaceans live in land areas near the ocean, and literally survive on coconut milk – which they get by climbing trees and cracking the coconuts themselves. At leg lengths sometimes reaching three feet or more, your first instinct when you see one might be to run. But not to worry, they’re about as slow as land creatures get.
  2. The Long Beaked Echidna. Found only on the island of New Guinea, this egg-laying mammal truly earns its place among strange animals. With its stout build, long snout, and spiny skin, it looks something like a cross between porcupine and an anteater. Because it’s so rare, not much data is available about how long beaked echidnas live – all that’s really known is that they are more active at night, and prefer to hang out in hollowed logs near water.
  3.  The Gharial. Most people have seen enough pictures of crocodiles and alligators to dampen their inherent weirdness. The gharial, however, shatters that well-developed conception. A type of crocodile native to Southeast Asia, it’s defining characteristic is an extremely long, narrow snout adorned with a ton of razor-sharp teeth. Basically, if you could somehow attach a chainsaw to the end of a normal alligator’s snout, it would look exactly like a gharial. Their population has been dwindling in recent years, which is suspected to be a result of sensitivity to certain common infections.
  4. The Viperfish. If it’s truly strange animals you’re looking for, then the deep sea may be the best place you could possibly search. One of the weirdest fish species that call extreme depths home is the viperfish. Aside from having absolutely gargantuan teeth that stick out of its piranha-like mouth, the viperfish has a special attachment designed for deep-sea prey luring. Out of its head, there is a long, flexible spine that flashes with a small, organically induced light. In total darkness, other fish are attracted to it, and soon find out that they’re about to be the viperfish’s unsuspecting prey. 



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