Strange Laws In California

Strange laws in California were created in times different from today, which is why so many of them are now inappropriate to enforce. Every place has its share of weird or outdated laws. The state of California is popular for its independent thinking since they did make themselves a state. These laws are clearly independent ideas from an exceptionally independent state.

  1. Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited. Well, this is certainly an interesting one. The bedroom police must have an interesting job. And, exactly how far does their jurisdiction go?
  2. Persons classified as "ugly” may not walk down any street. With a law like this perhaps it was necessary to keep everyone off the street during the old days; or it could be the law was written in a saloon meeting, only the bar was not closed.
  3. Selling a gold piece without tooth marks in it is considered forgery. Gold is that beautiful commodity that made many a Californian rich and turned great train robberies into legends. California made itself a state and made it clear they were not giving up the gold in the San Gabriel Range, so it is not surprising California would have its own tried and true method of testing gold.
  4. Drinking intoxicating cement is prohibited. Finding this drink will be interesting, but seriously, the whole idea was perhaps to keep the drug of the day from destroying society. This was of course, binding type cement. Glue and all other over the counter products are still used by people to get intoxicated.
  5. Christmas lights after February brings a $250 fine. Many people would find themselves in court today because of the habit of keeping Christmas lights on all year round. Considering people used candles for Christmas lights during the time these laws were initiated, leaving them on might have caused a few problems then. However, considering the heat of some Christmas lights and the fire hazard they pose today as well, this strange law in California may not be so strange after all.



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