Street Fighter 4 Unlock Characters

Like all the game's previous incarnations, a huge draw in “Street Fighter 4” is the ability to unlock new characters. The stock stable is good enough for instant brawling but finding and learning how to unlock the secret characters from the game mythology is what all the punching is all about.

To unlock characters in “Street Fighter 4” you will need:

  • A game console
  • A legal or cleverly pirated version of “Street Fighter 4”
  • The will of the warrior
  1. Obvious To unlock the obvious “Street Fighter 4” characters, you will need to beat the game. Beating the game with anyone will unlock the new villain Seth. To unlock others, you will need to beat “Street Fighter 4” using specific characters will unlock the rest.
  2. Sakura To unlock Sakura “Street Fighter 4” you will need to play as Ryu. Beat Arcade mode and Sakura will be available to play to win other characters.
  3. Rose In order to unlock Rose in “Street Fighter 4” you will need to play as M. Bison. Luckily, that guy is a total badass and one of the easier characters to cruise through Arcade mode.
  4. Gen This old fart is worthwhile for technical players rather than the button mashers. To unlock Gen in “Street Fighter 4” you must first beat Arcade mode with Chun Li.
  5. Fei Long As far as characters in the “Street Fighter 4” game, the obvious Bruce Lee rip off is one of the best. Oddly enough, to unlock this guy you will need to beat the game as the annoying French fighter Abel.
  6. Cammy Yes you can control the preteen wet dream Cammy in “Street Fighter 4.” While it seems her advantage is garnered from her tight combat bathing suit outfit, she is actually actually one of the more brutal characters to unlock in the game. To get Cammy, you must win Arcade mode with Crimson Viper.
  7. Dan The character Dan is also available should you wish to brawl as this obnoxious showboater. To become Dan in “Street Fighter 4,” you must win Arcade mode with Sakura.
  8. Akuma The evil fighter Akuma is also available to unlock in “Street Fighter 4” after you have jumped through a few hoops. One of the more devastating characters, Akuma gives you many advantages over the puny startup stable offered in the game. To get Akuma, you must first have the characters Dan, Sakura, Gen, Cammy, Fei Long and Rose. You must also achieve a perfect victory and win without using a continue.
  9. Gouken The master of Ken and Ryu finally makes an appearance in “Street Fighter 4.” He is the last dude you will get because you must win as Akuma and get five first attacks, one perfect match and at least three Ultra Finishes under your belt to unlock Gouken.
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