Street Food: Best Dumplings in NYC

If you've never had dumplings before, you need to learn about the best dumplings in NYC and other street food. This Asian street food is absolutely delicious, and comes in such a large variety that you'll spend your entire life trying to eat them all. There are sweet, spicy, and savory dumpling types, and we recommend that you try a soup dumpling to start off with. There are a number of food trucks, restaurants, and food stands that serve dumpings in NYC, and once you try one, you aren't going to stop until you find your favorite.


  1. The Rickshaw Truck is an Asian dumpling bar in food truck style. Rickshaw's dumplings are Asian inspired, with such flavors as Thai basil and wasabi shrimp. The food truck location varies depending on what day of the week it is.
  2. Excellent Dumpling House is mentioned time and time again for the best dumplings in NYC, and we really have to agree with everyone else on that one. This dim sum restaurant offers authentic Asian dumplings and the prices are as low as you can get in NYC. Excellent Dumpling House, 111 Lafayette St, New York NY10013.
  3. Dumpling Man. This dumpling restaurant offers eat-in, take out, and delivery dumplings, which sounds like a fine prospect to me. If you're eating in, you can watch as they make the dumplings for you. Savory and sweet dumplings are offered, and you can also be adventurous and go for the mystery dumpling. Dumpling Man, 100 st marks place, NYC.
  4. Fried Dumplings has been described as a dumpling dive, but the food is authentic and tastes great. You can also eat there for a couple of bucks in a pinch, which is always a good feature. Fried Dumpling, 99 Allen St. NYC.
  5. New Green Bo has that wonderful and miraculous soup dumpling that you have to try. It's not a place with the flashiest decor, but once you sink your teeth into their dumplings, you are going to forget all about that. New Green Bo, 66 Bayard St., New York, NY 10013.
  6. Mandoo Bar is a Korean bar that has their dumpling skills going on. You can watch the cooks making the dumplings, so you know they're fresh. Mandoo Bar, 2 W 32nd St, New York NY10001.
  7. Rai Rai Ken might be known primarily for their noodles, but this Japanese bar has excellent gyoza dumplings that go great with their ramen courses. Rai Rai Ken, 214 E. 10th St., New York, NY 10003.
  8. Joe's Shanghai is another dumpling restaurant that loves their soup dumplings. Their crab or pork meat varieties are meant to be enjoyed over and over again, although they do have a good sized menu of other dumplings. Joe's Shanghai Restaurant, 9 Pell Street New York, New York 10013.
  9. Wong Wong Noodle Shop is a Chinese noodle bar that does a mean dumpling as well. Wong Wong Noodle Shop, 5410 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220.
  10. Eton is a dim sum restaurant that has a nice variety of dumplings, and also offers free delivery. Don't leave the house, the dumplings will come to you. Eton, 359 Sackett St, Brooklyn NY11231.
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