Street Legal Dirt Bikes

Instead of paying high gas prices, consider street legal dirt bikes for both commuting and weekend fun. The smaller engines are easier on the insurance bill, far more maneuverable in traffic, and go from work traffic to weekend fun without modification. Spend the money you save commuting on your special lady. Check with your state to find the size of engine allowed on the highway.

  1. ERZ 200cc. It can sail through side streets with ease. You can take your best girl with you- this bike holds you both comfortably and looks great. At 98 mpg with a top speed of 70 mph, the fuel savings will finance your taste for the trails.
  2. Roketa Exceed 250cc. It looks more like a classic dirt bike than a motorcycle, but still cruises through town with ease. This beautiful piece of machinery is street legal in all 50 states, and costs less than most small motorcycles.
  3. Kinroad dual sport 200 dirt bike. Needing only 1.6 gallons of gas, with electronic ignition this bike is ready to go quickly. Its 206 cc Honda engine is fuel- efficient and won’t break noise ordinances when you take neighborhood roads for commuting.
  4. SL200. Everything you need in a street bike is there- turn signals, brake lights and more. Take this out for the whole family to enjoy on the weekends or just take your sweetheart. Teach her to ride and the two of you can go anywhere.
  5. Roketa 150cc street and trail bike. In most states, it would only be allowed on side roads, but when the highway is crawling at a near standstill, this bike gets you to work faster than anyone else. No one will want to “borrow” it when they find out the size of engine, but that’s okay.
  6. Husqvarna TE310. The 2010 model has a 298 cc motor with far more power on the roads both off and on. Ride to your trails, enjoy the outdoors and ride home on the same bike. No pickup truck or SUV needed.
  7. Enduro Lifan 200cc dual purpose bike. This bikes has an average of 102 mpg. No car other than an expensive hybrid can even come close, and most of those don’t. Besides, you can’t take a hybrid off-road. If traffic’s backed up, and it’s legal to take the trails home, go for it.
  8. DRZ 400 Supermoto. This offering from Suzuki will top 100 mph. Best to do that off-road, if you know what I mean. The 400cc engine has power and economy built into one. 
  9. Honda XR650L’s 644cc.   This engine has power for climbing mountains and fast-moving commuting traffic. Electric start ignition prevents breaking your ankle with kick-starts in wet weather.
  10. Honda CRF230L. It’s 223cc, 4- stroke engine gets 93mpg and has a 2.3 gallon fuel tank. That means up to 213 miles between fill-ups. Commute to work, hit the trails or go on a long distance tour with this versatile bike. 
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