Stretch Deltoid Muscle

The best way to avoid Injury to your shoulders during workouts is to learn how to properly stretch deltoid muscle. The deltoid muscles are what give your shoulders their contour. If you want flexible broad shoulders, you will have to stretch and develop your deltoids. Here are a few easy ways to stretch before doing any exercise that will require you using your deltoid muscles.

  1.  Before you do pushups, bench presses, chin-ups or pull-ups, stretch the front of your deltoids. Stand up straight, hold your hands behind your back and lock your fingers together. Push your hands back and upward until you feel a slight stretch in your deltoids and hold it for ten to fifteen seconds. Do not overstretch, allow for mild discomfort, not pain. You can also keep your back straight and bend your knees to push this deltoid stretch a bit further. Your pectoral muscles will also be stretched when doing this. Do this stretch four times before any workout, or everyday just to keep your shoulders flexible.
  2. Before you do pull-ups, behind the neck presses or even pushups, stretch your rear deltoids. Stand straight and tall, hold your right arm straight across your chest. Use your left hand to gently pull your right arm closer to your chest. When you feel a slight pull in your rear deltoid, hold it for ten to fifteen seconds. Do the same with your left arm. Do this stretch four times before exercising, or whenever your upper back feels tight.
  3. You can also stretch your deltoids using any wall. Stand up straight next to a wall, place your forearm and palm against the wall at a 90 degree angle. Slowly twist your body way from the wall until you feel the stretch in your deltoid and hold it for fifteen seconds. Do each deltoid four times. You can also do this the same way to stretch your front and rear deltoids while standing in a doorway. Do this stretch four times before you exercise or anytime during any day to relieve tightness in your deltoids.

Tips and Warning:

  • The shoulder is a small muscle that is vulnerable to injury, so it is very important to stretch them in order to keep them flexible.
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