Stripper Songs

What's a good stripper without good stripper songs? Half of the mystique of a stripper is the accompanying song that plays when she get's down and dirty. OK, maybe a stripper song isn't all that important, but you do need some good music to watch strippers get naked. The lyrics have to be right and the music has to suggest a little nastiness in order for a song to be considered a decent stripper song. Check out these songs. You'll have no problem imagining a stripper working it to one of these stripper songs.

  1. "Cream" from the album "Diamonds and Pearls" by Prince Every stripper should have this as they're go to stripper song. You know Prince is a nasty little dude. He's made a whole career out of racy lyrics. And when a stripper is baring it all to lyrics like "Cream, get on top / Cream, don't you stop," you'll know exactly why this track is the perfect stripper song.
  2. "Closer" from the album "Downward Spiral" by Nine Inch Nails For those of you into straightforward animalistic images of sex and the strippers that dance to these images, choose this track. Any song that says "I wanna f*ck you like and animal / I wanna feel you from the inside" is a perfect selection for a freaky stripper song.
  3. "Foxy Lady" from the album "Experience Hendrix" by Jimi Hendrix This is what some would call a classic stripper song. It's not too nasty, but it ain't clean either. It's the perfect bland of suggestive lyrics and bad ass rock music. If a stripper can't get down to "Foxy, you know you're a cute little heartbreaker / Foxy, you know you're a sweet little love maker," she should go back to school.
  4. "Candy Shop" from the album "The Massacre" by 50 Cent Songs that work in the club often work for strippers. None more so than this former club hit turned stripper song mainstay. The beat is great for the little ladies that know how to move their bodies. "I wanna take you to the candy shop" and you'll want to be there too if the girl knows what she's doing to this track.
  5. "Pu**y Real Good" from the album "Strip Jointz" by Jackie O Yes, another song that gets straight to the point. Jackie O spends the entire song talking about just how good her little feline friend is. The beat is freaky, the lyrics are nasty and every stripper should have to pass a "Pu**y Real Good" exam before they can be allowed to perform. This is they perfect stripper song.
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