Stronger Erection Tips

A weak erection can cause much discomfort for a man as well as his partner so go over these stronger erection tips for help. This guide will go over some tips to having and keeping a stronger erection.

  1. Diet. Meals should always be eaten an hour or more before a strong erection is meant to be achieved. Digestion uses some of the blood and resources the body needs for a healthy erection. Stay away from fatty foods or large meals which require longer to digest. Nitric oxide (NO) has been proven to be beneficial to an erection. Soybeans, nuts and fish all contain NO. Dark chocolate and berries contain flavonoids which are great antioxidants for being sure your body is well and ready for the task of keeping a strong erection.
  2. Fitness. Exercise increases the circulation and reduces stress which is murder on an erection. Being overweight can lead to high blood pressure, decreased circulation and stress which all may mean weaker erections. Be sure not to do any strenuous exercise before you plan on having a strong erection. Also the general look of a fit and healthy body may lead to increased confidence which psychologically may aid one with an erection.
  3. Reduce or quit smoking and drinking of alcohol. Smoking can also lead to decreased circulation and less lung capacity. Both can impact your ability to get and keep an erection. Alcoholic beverages can numb the body and lead to temporary erectile dysfunction while intoxicated. So be sure to keep the drinking and smoking to a minimum before you hope to achieve an erection.
  4. Take a break. Continual erections and ejaculations may lead to weaker erections the next day. If a strong erection is a top priority, take a day off from sexual encounters and masturbation.
  5. Medication. Viagra is the number one prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction. It is a prescription medication that will require talking with a doctor. Also, be aware that there are some side effects such as headaches.
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