Strongest Skateboarding Decks

Any devoted skateboarder needs to know which companies provide the strongest skateboarding decks. Beginner skateboarders may choose their first skateboard deck based on price or availability, but an experienced skateboarder knows that the construction of the deck plays a role in its durability and usefulness.

  1. Blind Skateboard Decks. This skateboard deck manufacturer offers a deck with Texalium, or epoxy glass and aluminum inside the deck with a seven-ply maple board surrounding it. This provides a stronger deck that will last much longer than a standard seven-ply maple deck.
  2. Zero Skateboard Decks. This company uses the shape of the skateboard deck to create a stronger board. While they use the standard seven-ply maple boards, they make the deck boards flatter, which provides more strength and durability.
  3. Santa Cruz Decks. This company believes that speed and maneuverability is controlled by the weight of the skateboard. Santa Cruz uses a new technique to add strength to the deck without adding extra weight. They put a Kevlar coating on the boards to accomplish this goal and have had great results and reviews.
  4. Lib Tech Decks. Lib Tech builds their decks with maple ply boards, but adds a fiberglass layer to the top and the bottom of the ply boards. This results in a sturdy deck that lasts much longer than the standard maple ply boards.
  5. Darkstar Skateboard Decks. The Darkstar brand of skateboard decks uses nine-ply maple deck boards. They are heavier and stronger to provide years of use without fear of premature breakage.
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