Stronghold 2 1.4.1 Cheats

The “Stronghold 2” 1.4.1 cheats are the same cheats available in the original release. The “Stronghold 2” 1.4.1 patch was released a few years ago to kill a few annoying bugs that caused the game to get out of sync. Unfortunately they also fixed some of the cheats players used. Luckily the developers missed three “Stronghold 2” cheats which you can still exploit even though you installed the “Stronghold 2” 1.4.1 patch.

  1. Spirit horse. Warfare takes a lot out of a king, so one of the nice “Stronghold 2” cheats still available with the 1.4.1 patch is the ghost horse cheat. All you need to do is have your king walk around on the ground towards a horse. Use the "mount horse" icon and when the horse approaches you just keep clicking the "mount/dismount" icon to get on the horse and get off the horse until the game glitches and your king is stuck on the horse. This “Stronghold 2” cheat gives you a much stronger horse that takes a lot less damage than the normal ones, which means your king is better protected.   
  2. Tower cheat. It is hard to believe the developers of “Stronghold 2” overlooked one of the most exploited cheats in the game when they created the 1.4.1 patch. The tower cheat lets you put as many men as you have into your tower, which gives you a tremendous advantage. To enable this cheat all you have to do is pause your game and direct groups of soldiers into the tower.
  3. Honor cheat. One of the most important things in “Stronghold 2” is honor. You spend a lot of time trying to gain more honor because you need it to create troops and also to promote your men into more powerful units. Besides brawling with other kings, you can host jousting competitions or build monasteries to gain more honor. But there is also a nice little cheat that slid by the 1.4.1 patch in “Stronghold 2," Hold a feast, and then rudely leave by using the "Return to Keep" icon. After you do so you will get the maximum amount of honor without having to be social with your guests.  
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