Stronghold Crusader Cheats For PC

“Stronghold Crusader” cheats for PC are available online for the gamer to use and abuse. Cheats for “Stronghold Crusader” are limited but offer some really nice upgrades and effects. “Stronghold Crusader” is a fun strategy game set in medieval times. “Stronghold Crusader” is a fun PC game and the cheats enhance game play.

What you will need for these cheats:

  • "Stronghold Crusader" game for PC
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Internet
  1. “Stronghold Crusader” offers various cheats available at some of the common mod, cheat, code and walkthrough sites on the internet. These sites include: Cheatscodesguide, Cheats-ign and Actiontrip. Check out the cheats here or go to your favorite site. All cheats are typed codes that are typed directly while in play, while at the main menu.
  2. “Stronghold Crusader” cheats are input by using the ‘alt’ key in association with the code given. With ‘Alt’ pressed, combine ‘X’ for popularity increase by 100/money by 1000, ‘C’ will cycle characters or unlocks missions, ‘K’ to obliterate the enemy fortress, ‘Z’ to wipe out a enemy (preselected), ‘G’ to flatten the stronghold, ‘P’ to increase player's level and ‘F’ to make all upgrades and purchases free.
  3. “Stronghold Crusader” also offers hints to support play. Try these; destroy enemy towers with Seige the assassin. In the tower, have him kill the engineers. Use fire ballista to burn the farms; the Lord will spend resources on the farm instead of making new soldiers. Or, build towers surrounding your village. Do not enclose the village, instead place ballista and archers in the towers to kill approaching armies. Then, delete the bottom step of the tower and your enemies cannot get to you.
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