Stronghold Crusader Extreme Cheats

When you need to get ahead in "Stronghold Crusader Extreme," you'll want to try out some "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" cheats. These cheat codes help you unlock missions, increase your money, and destroy a stronghold without ever laying a finger on it. Sometimes all you need is a little extra boost to win a strategy game and these cheat codes are just what you're looking for.

  1. Press "Shift + Alt + A" on the main menu. This opens the cheat code screen. Enter the cheat code you want to turn on and press "Enter" on your keyboard. If you want to enter another "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" cheat code, just bring up the cheat code screen again and continue entering codes in this fashion until you're finished.
  2. Enter the code "Alt + X" to increase popularity and money. Once entered, your popularity and your money in your current "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" game will increase. Popularity goes up by 100 and money by 1,000. Not too shabby when you're wallet's looking a little thin.
  3. Enter "Alt + C" to unlock characters and missions. This lets you view the available characters and can also unlock all missions for you. It's an excellent "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" cheat for skipping ahead or trying out something new in the game when you get stuck on a particularly hard mission.
  4. Press "Alt + G" to destroy the main stronghold. If you find yourself up against a stronghold in "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" that you just can beat, use this handy cheat code to destroy it. You'll blast it right off the map and your enemies won't know what hit them.
  5. Enter "Alt + P" to level up. Finally, if your "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" character is a little too puny for your liking, level him up with this cheat. Go up one or two to gain more power or level up several levels to become a force to be reckoned with.
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