Stronghold Crusader Extreme PC Cheats

Looking for a few "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheats? "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" was developed by Firefly Studios and published by Gamecock Media Group in 2008 for the PC. This computer game is an updated version of "Stronghold: Crusader," which was released in 2001. "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" takes place in the Middle East during the Crusades era and your mission is to build your empire and protect it from various intruders.

  1. Increased Popularity and Money. Increased popularity and money is one of the best "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheats. When you use this cheat code, both your popularity and money will be increased by 100. To use this "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheat, first press "Shift" plus "Alt" plus "A" when you are in the main menu of the game. You will then need to press "Alt" plus "X" on your keyboard to activate this cheat code.
  2. Unlock All Missions. There are various missions available in "Stronghold Crusader Extreme." You will need to complete one mission before you move onto the next. If you would like to have your choice of what mission you complete, you can use a "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheat for unlocking all missions. You can take advantage of this cheat code by entering the main menu of the game and pressing "Shift" plus "Alt" plus "A" together. Once you have done that, press "Alt" plus "C" to use this cheat code.
  3. Destroy Selected Enemy. Are you having a hard time defeating a certain enemy in "Stronghold Crusader Extreme?" Luckily for you, you can select the enemy that you would like to destroy and head on over to the main menu to activate the destroy selected enemy "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheat. Once you have entered the main menu, press "Shift" plus "Alt" plus "A" together, like you would to use any "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" PC cheat. After you have done that, simply press "Alt" plus "Z" to use the destroy selected enemy cheat code.
  4. Destroy Enemy Fortress. Maybe you don't want to take the easy route and simply destroy an enemy that you can't defeat. If you would just like to weaken your enemy, you can use the "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" destroy enemy fortress cheat code. Once you have pressed "Shift" plus "Alt" plus "A" when you are in the main menu of the game, press "Alt" plus "K" to activate the destroy enemy fortress cheat.



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