Study Habits

Study habits can make or break your academic success. Ignore good study habits to your own peril. If you party and goof off instead of studying, you'll end up a broke deadbeat. Instead, practice these study habits to ace your classes, get ahead, and get a kick-butt job!

Here's what you need to practice excellent study habits:

  • quiet study area
  • desk
  • computer with internet access
  • paper
  • pencils, highlighters, and pens
  • class materials
  1. Read the class syllabus as soon as you get it. Reread it, and highlight the things to which you need to pay special attention, like assignments and deadlines. Make sure you truly understand the overview, and ask your teacher to clarify what you don't understand clearly.
  2. Make yourself a nice place to study. Find a quiet spot with a desk. Have pencils, highlighters, pens, and your computer there. Make sure you have Internet access, so you can connect with what you need.
  3. Stay up-to-date with readings and assignments. Plan out your study times, so you are not cramming all at once. You'll be less stressed that way. You retain information better when you take it in little by little. As you go, be sure to plan time to review.
  4. Attend every class. Never skip a class and be sure to take notes. Highlight the most important points. Access and study any materials the instructor may post on the Internet.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time to get any papers written. Plan out a schedule with your own little mini deadlines built in. For instance, have a date by which you want to have your research done, a date for the rough draft to be done, a date for revisions and proofreading to be done, and a date when you want to be completely finished. Use the library. Research well. Don't plagiarize. Make sure you follow the format given by your instructor when you type up your paper.
  6. Ace your tests. Continually review what you've learned throughout the course as you go. Go back through textbooks and notes, and read what you've highlighted. Do not procrastinate and cram. Instead, use positive study habits, and emerge triumphant!



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