Stuff Magazines 10 Hottest Girls Ever

Stuff Magazine's 10 hottest girls ever is a ridiculous collection of beautiful women who bared tantalizing flesh for print. Since Stuff only photographs the best of the best, this list of their 10 hottest girls ever is truly the cream of the crop. 

  1. Mila Kunis is not only one of the hottest girls ever, she is also one of the best young actresses in Hollywood. Featured in critical successes such as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Black Swan," Kunis clearly has talent to go with her stunning petite Mediterranean looks. 
  2. Rachel Bilson became famous as the fussy and sexy character of high schooler Summer on "The O.C." Her cute, pouty lip, thin, lithe body, and attitude of utter sexual confidence and command make her one of the hottest girls ever.
  3. Stacy Kiebler, formerly of the WWF, has one of the most voluptuous bodies ever created. Easily one of the 10 hottest girls ever in Stuff Magazine, Kiebler has a set of massive fleshy hindquarters equaled by none. 
  4. Joanna Krupa has classic model features, and her impressive resume as a cover girl for Maxim, FHM, Stuff, and several other publications proves that she is easily one of the 10 hottest girls ever. Her greatest talent perhaps lies in her ability to make her perfect facial features appear in sexual distress while she is splayed out suggestively in scanty garb. 
  5. Laura Vandervoort is an angelic super girl with just about perfect looks. Her simple, button cute face could not be any more beautiful, nor could her luscious blonde hair halo her cheeks and kiss off her shoulder any more precisely. While her role on the alien show "V" proved it is impossible not to fall in love with her, her kindly shaped body also proves it is impossible not to lust after her.
  6. Busy Phillips possesses that classic bad-girl attitude that's enough to inspire lust in any man. Her brilliant blue eyes are naturally naughty and seem to imply that she's always ready to do something a little kinky. Throw in a tanned body and blonde hair, and this former "Freaks and Geeks" star is easily one of the 10 hottest girls ever. 
  7. Katherine McPhee has something innately sensual about her and her singing, some inherent x-factor that is not all that dissimilar from Katy Perry. Made famous by "American Idol," McPhee has since proven that she has the sexpot body to match her popularity. Her long and dark alluring hair compliments a formidable cleavage and one of the sexiest faces alive. 
  8. Samaire Armstrong gained fame as the spunky indie-chick Anna on the hit show "The O.C." Since then she has appeared as one of Stuff's hottest girls ever. Never losing her quirky charm, she quickly proved she had killer curves and possessed the sort of zesty, excitable sexuality that lands her on lists such as this.
  9. Leah Remini became famous for her role as the sultry-sexy wife in "Kings and Queens" that was simply too hot for her overweight husband. Well-endowed in the chest category, Remini also has a finely curved buttocks that assists her in rising the ranks.
  10. Shandi Finnessey has the sort of simple, good-hearted country-girl looks that win beauty pageants, and that's exactly what she's won in the past. Blonde haired and lightly tanned, Shandi showed her mouth-watering body in all its bikini glory in Stuff, solidifying her position as one of the 10 hottest girls ever.
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