Stye Causes

Stye causes are a wide and varied thing. The only thing everyone can agree upon is that styes are awful to look at and worse to wear. Also called a hordeolum, a stye is the result of an infected oil gland on your eyelid and often manifests itself as a red bump. This could be due to some blockage in the oil gland or an infected hair follicle from your eye lashes. Treatment for a stye is simple. Apply a clean, hot towel over the eye for fifteen minutes four or five times a day. This helps unclog the glands. If the infection gets worse, you may be prescribed antibacterial ointment and if you vision is obstructed, the doctor may choose to lance it.

To help prevent stye causes, you will need:

  • To keep things clean
  • Stop rubbing your eyes
  • Be aware of proper eye care
  1. Contact A stye causes infections and you can happily pass these along to your friends. People with poor immune systems are more susceptible. Products like contact lenses are expensive and it is tempting to steal them from your roommate instead of busting out your spectacles, but your eyes are a portal. The portal leads to your immune system and sharing some eye-on-eye action can lead to various health issues, including styes.
  2. Makeup If it you are a metrosexual, cross dresser or celebrating Halloween, you should be aware that eye makeup is one of the primary causes of a stye. Failure to remove cosmetics can lead to clogged pores, which can become infected. Cheap Halloween makeup should definitely be washed off before you pass out in your Dracula suit.
  3. Clean Keep anything that goes around your eyes clean to prevent getting a stye. If one of your roommates has a stye and you use his towel to wipe your face, you can easily transfer all sorts of nasty bacteria. Same goes for borrowing his pirate eye patch, so keep it clean.
  4. Bad habits Since a stye causes infections, you want to keep the area around your eyes clean. People who wear glasses and little kids sometimes have the bad habit of rubbing their eyes. This is a wonderful way to get all sorts of bacteria into your body, including the infections that can cause a stye. Try and become aware of how often you rub your eyes when you groan in disbelief at your cosmic positioning in the universe.
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