Sudafed Side Effects

Before taking Sudafed for your cold or allergies, you should read about these Sudafed side effects. Sudafed, which also goes by the name phenylephrine, can help relieve your symptoms, but should be taken with care. If you’re allergic to other medications or have any health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before taking Sudafed.

  1. Stomach Problems A common Sudafed side effect for users is upset stomach. You might even feel a bit nauseous. Eating a small meal before taking Sudafed can help relieve these problems.
  2. Headache This is another possible Sudafed side effect. If you continue to suffer from headaches or develop feelings of dizziness, you’ll want to seek medical council.
  3. Dry Mouth Sudafed can produce the side effect of dry mouth or throat. Try drinking water to alleviate symptoms and call a doctor if the effects don’t lesson in a couple days.
  4. Nervousness Sudafed can produce the more severe effect of restlessness in a small percentage of people. You might want to avoid drinking caffeine while taking the medication if you’re getting the jitters as a Sudafed side effect. If you’re heart begins racing and you feel anxious, call your doctor.
  5. Dizziness This is a more severe Sudafed side effect. A very small segment of Sudafed users might suffer from dizziness, feelings of weakness, and even fainting. Get in touch with a doctor if you experience these symptoms.
  6. Sleeplessness Another Sudafed side effect is trouble sleeping or even insomnia. Again, you should avoid caffeine if you find yourself failing to fall asleep at night after taking medication.
  7. Rash or Swelling This is severe and rare side effect from Sudafed. If you find a rash developing or suffer from swelling of your face, feet, or hands, seek medical assistance immediately.
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