Summer Fishing Essentials

Fishing in tournaments or fishing for fun, you will always need summer fishing essentials. They are a vital part of ensuring a great outcome on your fishing trip. No one wants to go fishing and suddenly remember they left something of importance at home. It is always a good idea to make lists of everything you will need for your fishing trip.

Here's a list of summer fishing essentials important to any fishing trip, be it tournament  or for pleasure.

Summer Fishing Essentials

  1. Have good working rods and reels.
  2. Have extra sinkers and hooks in case of a line break.
  3. Fish weighers are a great item to have.
  4. Have a fillet knife handy for filleting your catfish.
  5. Carry extra line in your tackle box.
  6. Make sure to have apparel for the type of weather you will be fishing in.
  7. Carry snacks and plenty of water on hot days.
  8. If you are fishing a big lake you have never been on, have a map handy of the lake.
  9. Have a fish stringer or fish holder for the huge fish you are surely going to catch.
  10. Rod holders.
  11. Make sure to have plenty of bait. Night crawlers, lures, goldfish, anything you would like to use as bait.
  12. Have a bait holder for live bait.
  13. If you will be doing night fishing, carry lanterns that are in good working order.
  14. Carry bug repellant for the nasty insects.
  15. Carry a watch guys, so you will be home on time. The women in your life will require it.
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