Summer Songs 2010

The summer songs of 2010 were light and full of pop-centric themes. Summer songs are always upbeat and add more heat to the sweltering summer sun. The best songs of the summer of 2010 were heavy hitting and kept club-goers staying inside the clubs not just to escape the heat.

  1. "California Girls" by Katy Perry This song made summer officially start in 2010. Katy Perry's sweet bubble gum pop was nothing short of non-stop summer fun. Singing about the golden coast, Katy Perry's song seemed to bring out the summer surfer in everyone. This song was played at each and every barbecue across the country.
  2. "O.M.G." by Usher Featuring Everyone in clubs chanted this song from coast to coast. The moment this song came out in 2010, bars added this song to their playlist. It was guaranteed to play at least once a night. This song mashes up hip-hop and Usher's soulful voice. The juxtaposition of the two musical worlds made this song irresistible to anyone that can hear.
  3. "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga As soon as the violins began playing in this song, the summer of 2010 became a little bit sexier. Lady Gaga always knows how to put out a good single. Lady Gaga sang about the hardships of love in the most sultry of styles.
  4. "Drunk Girls" by LCD Soundsystem For so many drinking fanatics, this song became an instant anthem in the summer of 2010. LCD Soundsystem made a poetic observation of what happens during night life. This song uses humor to point out some of the endearing flaws that drunk girls can have.
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