Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

If you got a wedding planned for summer, then it's time to start thinking about summer wedding menu ideas. Your first decision is based on what time you plan to get married. If it's in the morning, or around noon, then consider a wedding breakfast. Late afternoon calls for appetizers that won't spoil dinner. Weddings after 6:00 PM usually include a supper or dinner as part of the reception.

  1. Breakfast. Frittatas are a baked dish of potatoes, cheese and eggs, accented with herbs such as parsley, tarragon or oregano. Think of it as a guy's alternative to quiche. Serve with a breakfast meat such as sliced baked ham and hollandaise sauce. A first course of fresh strawberries and individual dishes of brown sugar and cream for dipping is elegant, romantic and fun. Round out the breakfast summer wedding menu ideas with a selection of mini muffins, fresh coffee, orange and champagne. For dessert? What else but wedding cake.
  2. Late Afternoon. Provide enough food to keep people from starving but not so much they're not hungry for dinner. This summer wedding menu idea includes seafood. Good  choices include big fat shrimp, plump oysters on the half shell (which the groom might need later) and crab claws. Offset the cost of the seafood with less expensive appetizers like mini beef and chicken sliders, chicken salad in lettuce wraps and platters of cheese, fresh fruit and crudités. Other than the seafood, which has to be kept cold on a summer's day, the rest of the food may be served at room temperature.
  3. Supper. Summer is hot so consider serving a cold supper as a summer wedding menu idea. Start the dinner with a trio of cold soups served in shot glasses. Try creamy avocado, gazpacho and spicy melon soup. Other cold soups include cucumber with feta and yogurt, vichyssoise, and beet borscht. There's nothing more elegant than cold lobster salad as an entrée. Serve with freshly baked sourdough bread and butter. Accompany the lobster with cold red potatoes stuffed with sour cream and garnished with caviar and asparagus in a lemony vinaigrette.
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