Super Mario Bros 3 Cheats

"Super Mario Broos. 3" cheats help old school gamers traverse the classic 2D platformer in eight different worlds to save the Princess and defeat Bowser. This time is different, with each kingdom ruled by Koopa's Kids and wielding a power magic wand from the land. Gamers have their work cut out for them as Mario or Luigi and need every power up and cool suit to survive to the final battle with Bowser. The classic game pushes every skill set to the limit from land, sea and air to find and rescue the Princess from the scourge of the Koopas. Cheats for "Super Mario Bros. 3" give gamers the best chance to go long and deep into one of the biggest adventures in the series.

  1. Find Warp Whistle in Level 1-3. Go near the end of the level 1-3 in "Super Mario Bros. 3" to see a white block in the air. Jump on that block and press Down to crotch for about five seconds. Mario or Luigi will drop behind the backgrounds so run straight passed the goal to a Mushroom House. Open the chest and there is the Warp Whistle to cheat your way passed difficult levels. 
  2. Earn 99 Lives. 1-Ups are as precious as gold in "Super Mario Bros. 3" and collecting coins can be a hassle with only so much time on the clock. Make it to level 7-5 to stomp and pick up a Koopa shell along the way toward two Bullet Bill cannons. Carefully kick the Koopa shell between the two cannons so that it knocks back and forth between them. Now sit back and relax as the points rack up and turn to 1-Ups to collect as many as 99 lives!  
  3. Travel to World 8 Instantly. Use the Warp Whistle to go to the Warp Zone area in "Super Mario Bros. 3." Once there, use another Warp Whistle again and this will teleport you to the area in the bottom of the Warp Zone that takes you to the World 8 pipe. Bypass almost 7 worlds to march to trhe final showdown with Bowser.
  4. Earn the N-Spade Card Game. Score up to 80,000 points as a single player during gameplay in "Super Mario Bros. 3." Complete the level where you racked up those 80,000 points and an N-Spade Card will pop up on the map. Go to N-Spade to play the matchmaking game to grab coins, power ups and even 1-Ups in your quest.
  5. Gain 28 P-Wings. Every little reward is nothing to sneeze at in "Super Mario Bros. 3." Beat the entire game and watch the whole ending. Press Start to begin a new game and there in your inventory will be 28 P-Wings. Take on the various Worlds again with a whole lot more ease than the first time!
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