Super Mario Bros Wii Secrets

Naturally, there are some “Super Mario Bros” Wii secrets because that is pretty much expected in every Mario release. Diligent and curious players have always uncovered bonus situations. While not as cool as the Minus World glitch in the first “Super Mario Bros,” the Wii version sneaks in a few perks.

  1. Mushroom madness. The mushroom houses in “Super Mario Bros” on the Wii are very helpful. But there are a few secrets regarding how they actually appear. It has to do with rescuing Toad and the last digit on your timer. If the last digit of your timer is 4, 5 or 6 when you hit the flagpole, you will spawn a red mushroom house. If the timer ends on a 7, 8 or 9 then you will get the super helpful gold mushroom house. If the last digit are 0, 1 or 2 then you will get some extra lives at the green mushroom house. Remember, you must save Toad for the mushroom houses to appear.
  2. Not so annoying save. Saving is really annoying during gameplay as you can only quicksave and not save your game at anytime in “Super Mario Bros.” The DS and Wii versions makes you earn the right to save which can be pretty frustrating. The only remedy for this is one of the secrets that is not much of a secret. You simply have to win the game. After you win the game you can save anywhere at anytime.
  3. Stars on your save file. Ever notice some people have stars on their save files? Nintendo is all about making you feel cooler with tiny tweaks like these shiny little stars. To unlock these secrets you basically need to finish the game and find everything. To get the first star, you must finish the game. The second star is earned after clearing every level. The third star is obtained when you collect all 207 star coins in the game. The fourth star is earned after you find all 24 star coins in the bonus World 9. The fifth star appears when you find all the secret goals and have used every warp cannon at least once. Oh, and to make your stars shiny, finish “Super Mario Bros” for the Wii without ever using the Super Guide.
  4. Nintendo silliness. Naturally, some of the secrets are useless and just kinda silly in “Super Mario Bros” for the Wii. For example, when you rescue a Toad the music is different. It is the original eight bit score from the first game. You can also make Mario lose his hat if you want. Just collect 99 lives and go back to the map screen. When you start a new game, Mario will be missing his trademark hat until he dies. 



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