Super Mario World Cheats

"Super Mario World" cheats help gamers overcome the odds across fantastic worlds in the Super Nintendo classic to rescue the Princess once again. Bowser returns and he is royally ticked this time around so our heroes have their work cut out for them. Mario and Luigi need to use every trick in the book not taught in plumber training manual to take out hordes of Koopa Troopers, Piranha Plants and many more to reach Bowser. The game also introduces a new secret weapon to take out the baddies with Yoshi, a dinosaur who loves to munch on evil Koopa Troopers. The cheats for "Super Mario World" allow gamers a fighting chance to beat Bowser and save the the Princess once again from his monstrous grasp.

  1. Open a Star Road. Mario and Luigi don't need to wish upon the stars of "Super Mario World" to open this path to the wondrous land in the sky. Calm your nerves and enter the Ghost House in the Donut Plains. Get passed the usual ghouls to the first door and go through it. In the next room, head left all the way near the end and grab the P Block on top of a ledge. Stomp on that device and head back to see an area with a blue door, but do not go into that one. Instead, hit the block above the yellow door nearby to see a vine grow. Climb it and head right to see another blue door. Go inside and face off against a ghost on steroids. Exorcize the room of this giant, spooky evil to open a Star Road on the map.
  2. Reenter Castles. "Super Mario World" has no shortage of castles to explore and baddies who want a piece of the plumber brothers as well. If you want to reenter the castle after beating it to test your skills again, simply hold the L and R buttons and go back inside. This is a lot easier way than to call up a local locksmith and pry the gate open.
  3. Travel to Bowser's Castle. The road to Bowser's castle makes even the toughest hero break down and cry in "Super Mario World." If the lizard king can cheat his way to victory, why can't Mario and Luigi do the same by sneaking in the back door? Go to the last Star Road and press the B button which will teleport you directly to the Valley of Bowser and skipping the seventh castle. Now, take care of business and get the Princess from Bowser's scaly claws!
  4. Infinite 1-Ups. Bonus lives are as precious as gold coins for the dynamic duo of "Super Mario World" and they will need a ton of them to survive long enough to get to Bowser's castle. Head to the "Top Secret" Level and pick up Yoshi from the middle block then leave the area. Reenter the level and instead of Yoshi there will be a 1-Up in his place from the same middle block. Put on your farmer's hat and harvest as many of those 1-Ups to have near infinite lives in no time.
  5. Old School Mario Jam. Nobody can hate on nostalgia, especially "Super Mario World," where the classic tunes of its eight bit ancestor are still remembered today. Travel to the "Special Zone" in map seven and wait for about five minutes and the game will rock out to an old school remix of "Super Mario Bros." theme music. Sit back and enjoy the beats of yesterday before heading back down the Koopa stomping trail again.
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