Super Street Fighter 4 Characters

There are quite a few Super Street Fighter 4 characters, most of which are holdovers from classic Street Fighter games. However, the mix of old characters and newer fighters works to help guide newer players while still catering to the more experienced crowd. Super Street Fighter added ten additional characters to the already 25-man strong roster, bringing several favorites from older games. Listed below are ten of the great Super Street Fighter 4 Characters.

  1. Adon. Adon is a bit of an odd character, appearing once in the first Street Fighter game, and then quickly exiled to the Alpha series. He is a former student of Sagat, and like his mentor focuses on Muay Thai based attacks. Unlike most of the characters from the original game, Adon seems to be getting a second shot at staying on the main roster.
  2. T-Hawk. Thunder Hawk is back as a Super Street Fighter 4 character, and players of the older games will likely feel quite at home playing as this character. He is still fighting to save his sister, and he plays as one might expect his updated character to play. He finally has a rival in El Fuerte, for those that follow the story.
  3. Cody. After a few more Final Fight entries, Cody returns to Super Street Fighter IV. He is now an escaped prisoner instead of a street tought fighting to save his girlfriend, but he is quite similar to his former character. His ending is perhaps the most neutral in the game, with the character simply returning to his status quo.
  4. Guy. It is quite difficult to have a game with Cody and not Guy. Guy is still as quick as his Final Fight background would suggest, and is made out to be one of the bigger heroes of the game. Not bad for the "other guy" in Final Fight.
  5. Deejay. Whether you love or hate Deejay, this version is still better than the one portrayed in the movie. Yes, he is still the same musical kickboxer that everyone remembers. His resemblance to Billy Blanks is more pronounced in Super Street Fighter 4 than ever before.
  6. Dudley. Yes, the British Boxer from Street Fighter III. This time, he is not chasing after a stolen car. No, this time he is chasing after stolen flowers. Whether this is better or worse is up to the individual.
  7. Ibuki. Unsuprisingly, Ibuki is another Street Fighter III alumnus. She is oddly popular, despite being somewhat of an obnoxious character. Her purpose in the game is to provide something of a foil for Sakura, though how well this works is debatable.
  8. Makoto. Another young female character from Street Fighter III. Makoto, at least, has a solid reason for being in the game. She wants to make her style (and thus, school) of martial arts more popular – an act which makes a tremendous amount of sense, compared to most storylines.
  9. Hakan. Hakan is a totally new character, almost entirely unconnected to Street Fighter IV's overarching storyline. He is a Turkish oil wrestler. As in a wrestler covered in oil.  Let that sink in for a moment.
  10. Juri. Finally, there is Juri. Unlike Hakan, she is deeply tied to Super Street Fighter 4 – she is a henchperson of the game's main antagonist. She has been particularly well received, and is likely to make the cut for the next game in the series. 
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