Surgery Games For Kids

Gross your children out and hope they learn something with these surgery games for kids! There are not many surgery games out there, much less ones for kids, but those that exist are both educational and fun. So, if you know a child who might like removing cartoon glass from someone's chest, introduce them to these surgery games for kids!

  1. "Operation" This game from Milton Bradley is one of the most notable surgery games for kids out there. The game consists of a patient laying down on a board with many different objects lodged inside his poor body. The player must attempt to grab the object out of the area without touching the sides. Touching the sides causes a buzz that will undoubtedly scare any kid. While simple, this game is still a blast to play, even today.
  2. "Trauma Center: Under the Knife" This surgery game for kids on the Nintendo DS features anime-style characters with some pretty interesting gameplay mechanics. This game uses the lower touch-screen of the DS to mimic actual movement, from suturing up patients to pulling glass out of an injured area. While this may sound gross and not for kids, the game features exagerated, almost cartoony graphics that are sure to keep kids from being too grossed out.
  3. "Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery" This game, available for free on, is one of the more educational surgery games for kids. The doctor explains every reason behind each move. From choosing which hip is messed up to lining the incision area, this game is sure to entertain as well as educate.
  4. "Trauma Center: New Blood" While similar to the other "Trauma Center" game on this list, "New Blood" offers a different gameplay style for you kid due to it being on the Wii. The Wii allows for the use of motion controls in order to perform surgeries, which will also take into account how fast you are moving and how steady your hand is. It is still a very anime-inspired game that is definately suitable for kids.
  5. "Heart Operation" Another free flash game, this surgery game for kids features multiple heart-based operations. The game walks you through all the procedures of heart surgery, from scrubbing your hands to cracking open a sternum. The game is very bright and cartoony, so there will be no nightmares for any children who play this. This game is also decently educational, informing children of all the names of the tools used during heart surgery.



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