Surviving Infidelity Forums

If your marriage or partnership has experienced a break due to an affair, you may be looking online for Surviving Infidelity forums. Community networks and discussion groups serve as a reminder that you are not alone in your pain, anger, and confusion.

Whether you are a betrayed spouse or partner, or an unfaithful one, surviving infidelity forums can help you come to terms with the realities of an affair. They also provide support and encouragement to help you get beyond infidelity and move toward a healthy, supportive relationship. Here are five surviving infidelity forums to consider, listed alphabetically for your convenience.

  1. “Cheated On.” Founded by an infidelity survivor, “Cheated On” assists victims of infidelity and adultery. The forums help people overcome the negative emotions associated with affairs and move into a supportive relationship. Topics include “How To Catch A Cheater,” “Infidelity Counseling,” “Suspicious,” and “Stay Or Go.” Participation requires free registration and email confirmation.
  2. “Infidelity Power Board.” “Infidelity Power Board” is a support network for men and women affected by the betrayal of a spouse or loved one. The discussion forums feature several topics related to infidelity. “Suspicious,” “I Just Found Out,” “They Work Together,” and “Happened To Me Again” are some of the categories. Free participation requires registration and a user agreement.
  3. “Infidelity Talk.” “Infidelity Talk” explores “the many faces of infidelity.” Elissa Gough-Denels coaches couples and individuals, whatever their role in an affair. The “Face Reality” forum topics address the betrayed spouse, the unfaithful spouse, the “other” man or woman, gay partners, parent and teen discussions, and more. Free registration is required to participate in this surviving infidelity forum.
  4. “Marriage Builders.” “Marriage Builders” is an online community for marriage support and encouragement. The free site and forums were founded by Dr. William Harley, author of “His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair-Proof Marriage.” Discussion topics include “Surviving An Affair,” “Operation Investigate,” “In Recovery,” and “Pregnancy/Child.”
  5. “Surviving Infidelity.” “Surviving Infidelity” forums are called a “safe place” to share your pain and feelings of isolation. A variety of forums allow members to rebuild their self-esteem and self-worth following infidelity. Topics include “Just Found Out,” “Reconciliation,” “Wayward Side,” and “New Beginnings.” Membership is free but requires registration and a user agreement.
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