Survivor’ Winners: Where Are They Now?

Ever wondered what happened to “Survivor” winners, and where are they now? With ten years and twenty seasons under its belt, “Survivor” fans have watched a broad range of people win the popular TV show. But what happens after the winner leaves the island?

  1. Richard Hatch was the winner of the original “Survivor.” Unfortunately, Richard failed to report his winning to the IRS. In 2006, he was found guilty and sentenced to 51 months in prison then three years of supervised release. After he served his time, he settled into a half-way house.
  2. The tribal counsel of “Survivor: The Australian Outback” voted Tina Wesson the winner. Tina went back to Tennessee with her husband and two children where she wrote her life story in a book titled “Out Live, Out Laugh, and Out Love.”
  3. Ethan Zohn, the winner of “Survivor: Africa,” was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April of 2009. After three months of chemotherapy, it was reported that his cancer had returned. He is undergoing new treatments. He is dating Jenna Morasca, winner of “Survivor: The Amazon.”
  4. Vecepia Towery, or Vee as everyone called her on “Survivor: Marquesas", went on to be an online columnist and is a motivational speaker. 
  5. One of the most controversial winners is Brian Heidik of “Survivor: Thailand.” A couple of years after winning, he was arrested for animal cruelty. He was charged for spearing a puppy with an arrow. In his defense, Heidik claims he believed the dog to be a fox.
  6. The youngest winner, Jenna Morasca ofSurvivor: Amazon,” is a pro wrestler. She is also an advocate of animal’s rights and works side by side with the Humane Society. Jenna is going back to school for a Master’s in Psychology.
  7. Sometimes nothing changes, even with a million dollars in your pocket. Sandra Diaz-Twine, “Survivor: Pearl Islands”,went home to Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband and two children and says life hasn’t changed.
  8. After a heartwarming proposal from Boston Rob at the season finale of “Survivor: All-Stars,” winner Amber Brkich married him. Together, they have competed on “The Amazing Race,” both Season 7 and All Stars, and also started their own reality show titled “Rob and Amber: Against the Odds” that featured Rob’s attempt at being a professional poker player. They had a daughter in July 2009.
  9. After winning “Survivor: Vanuatu,” Chris Daugherty bought a Harley. He still works at the Department of Transportation until he reaches retirement age, then he plans to travel.
  10. Former firefighter, Tom Westman won “Survivor: Palau.”He is participating in this season of “Survivors: Heroes vs. Villains.” He was eliminated at the fifth tribal council.
  11. Danni Boatwright, winner of “Survivor: Guatemala,” has been busy. She is a radio personality for “610 Sports” and co-hosts “Sports Rap.” “Trackstick” hired her to do online promotional videos for their GPS tracking. She delivered a baby boy in 2007.
  12. Aras Baskauskas won “Survivor: Panama.” He is a yoga instructor.
  13. Yul Kwon has received a lot of attention since winning “Survivor: Cooks Island.” He’s been mentioned on “People Magazine’s, Sexiest Men Alive and Hottest Bachelors” lists. Along with being acknowledged for his good looks, Kwon is a lecturer with the FBI. After being appointed Deputy Chief of the Consumer Governmental Affairs Bureau, he worked to make the FCC more consumer-friendly.
  14. Also making “People Magazine’s, Sexiest Bachelors” list was Earl Cole, winner of “Survivor: Fiji.”He founded A-Frame Digital Studios, a multi-media technology company. He also founded the Earl Cole Fund at the University of Kansas Medical Center. This foundation helps children with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.
  15. Todd Herzog, winner of “Survivor: China,” is openly gay and dating “Survivor: Tocantins” participant Spencer Duhm.  
  16. “Survivor: Micronesia” winner Parvati Shallow made an appearance in the 2009 thriller, Into the Blue 2: The Reef.
  17. After winning “Survivor: Gabon,” Robert “Bob” Crowley retired from teaching. And published an autobiography titled, “Making Waves: The Stories of Maine’s Bob Crowley.”
  18. Less than a year after winning “Survivor: Tocantins,” James “J.T.” Thomas, Jr., is back for more and is a contestant on this season of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”
  19. The winner of last season of “Survivor: Samoa” was Natalie White.  She wants to go on a vacation with her boyfriend.  
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