Sweet Things To Say To A Girl You Like

Knowing a few sweet things to say to a girl you like can make you feel more confident and comfortable talking to her. Keep in mind that these things to say are only a guideline: never feed a girl a canned line, and always be honest when you compliment her. If you like her, you'll be able to think of new sweet things to say just by thinking about the qualities that draw you to her. If you are having a hard time putting into word the things you want to say, read some of the sweet things below:

  1. "You're so clever." Being liked by you because she's hot is one thing, but it's even better when you appreciate other qualities, as well. She'll love the fact that you respect her for her mind.
  2. "You have beautiful eyes." Mentioning specific features makes a girl feel better than just telling her that she's beautiful. If there is another part of her body, such as her lips or her neck that drives you wild, mention that instead. Just make sure you don't say something too personal, like complimenting her boobs or her butt, if you don't know her that well.
  3. "You have a great sense of humor." Again, compliments on the parts of her personality that make you like her are always sweet things to say.
  4. "It is so cool that you know so much about (insert favorite hobby here)." Whether her hobby is Ancient Greece or Doctor Who, one of the best sweet things you can tell a girl is that you are impressed with how much she knows about a favorite subject. Saying something like this lets her know that you pay attention to her and her interests.
  5. "Thank you for (insert sweet thing she did here.)" Among the top sweet things you can say is something that lets her know that you appreciate her, and the things she does for you.
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