Swim Team Workouts In High School

Whether you're a coach or a student, these swim team workouts for high school will get you or your team into shape for your next competition. These high school swim team workouts are designed to work endurance, speed, and form, so that you have a well-rounded general routine that will help high school swimmers of all abilities racing a variety of distances. As you improve, you can increase the duration and distance of the workouts. Note that a lap (to the end and back) in a standard pool is 50m.

To do these high school swim team workouts, you will need:

  • Access to a pool
  • Buoy
  1. Workout One: Warm up by doing two easy laps. The main portion of this workout is divided into two parts. First, do a lap with the buoy between your legs. Then, do a ladder of 25m, 50m, 50m, and 25m (without the buoy). Give yourself about a minute rest in between each set. Finish the workout with a one lap cool down. This high school swimming workout is designed to improve your endurance. As you progress, you can increase the length of the ladder or decrease the time in between each set.
  2. Workout Two: Start by doing a one lap warm up. You will then do five one lap sets: one with using only your right arm, one using only your left arm, one only kicking, one with the buoy, and one where you wait until you have completed a stroke with one arm before commencing with the next. Cool down with one easy lap. These sets work specific muscle groups while improving your form, and each is applicable to at least one swim stroke.
  3. Workout Three: Swim a lap to warm up. Then, do eight sets of 25m very hard, giving yourself three to five minutes in between each repetition. As you become accustomed to the workout, you can increase the number of repetitions, or increase the distance to 50m. As this workout is designed to improve speed, you want to make sure that you are adequately rested between each repetition. While you want to go hard, do not go all out on the first rep—you want to see how fast you can do eight repetitions, not one.

With all of these workouts, consistency is the key. Keep a watch on you so you can time your repetitions. The goal for each workout is to do each rep in a similar amount of time. Although each workout has a designated warm up and cool down, you'll want to do some stretching before and after to minimize soreness and risk of injury.

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