Swim With A Water Polo Ball

Swimming with a water polo ball looks simple to an outside observer but requires a proper stroke and technique to do properly. It is an integral part of a talented water polo player's game and should be able to be done without the player using their hands on the ball but rather allowing their swimming inertia to keep the ball in front of them in the water. Swimming with a water polo ball properly can be done with a proper amount of practice.

To swim with a water polo ball, you will need:

  • A Swimming Pool
  • A water polo ball
  1. Place the water polo ball in front of you in the water. The ball should float on it's own, so it is waterlogged or is an old ball, it may effect the efficiency with which you are able to swim with the ball in front of you. Check this before proceeding.
  2. Begin a freestyle swimming stroke. Do a high hard leg kick, keep your head up and swim with your arms wide. It should almost look like you are crawling on all fours across the water.
  3. Use your chin if necessary. If you are swimming in a straight line with the proper stroke, then the inertia created in the water of the pool should push the water polo ball directly in front of you, so that you can bump it with your chin to keep it centered. This way if you stop swimming the ball won't float out of your reach.
  4. Practice this regularly. Swimming with a water polo ball efficiently is like dribbling a basketball. The better you can handle it, the better you will be at passing to team mates and setting up scoring opportunities in a game.
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