Swim Workouts For Weight Loss

Swim workouts for weight loss is a great way to get your body in gear and shade a few pounds. Swim workouts appeal to many people for many different reasons. Swimming burns just as much calories if not more than running and biking. The water adds resistance against the body increasing the amount of effort to complete a task and build up muscles.

  1. Swimming laps is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. As a beginner swimmer, work up to increase stamina. Start by swimming 50 yards and then taking a 30 second rest. Continue to swim in 50 yard intervals for a total of 30 minutes. As you get better, you can swim for longer intervals and for more time. Swimming intervals keeps your heart pumping for a good cardiovascular workout.
  2. Some people may enjoy doing typical land aerobic exercise in water for weight loss. Although these are not typical swim workouts they still work to burn calories. Workouts in the pool are ideal for anyone who has a hard time workout on land due to pain or other issues. Water takes a lot of pressure off of the bones and joints allowing the body to move much easier. Many people find it less painful to run, jump, kick or walk in water. As an added bonus the water also adds resistance to build muscle through simple movement.
  3. A good swim workout for weight loss will include both cardiovascular and strength training. To get a complete workout, start with an easy warm up, swim the length of the pool at a leisurely rate, stay focused on steady breathing as your muscles get warmed up and ready to workout. Continue the workout by swimming laps at a faster speed, maybe including the interval workout mentioned above. Follow with strength training such as kicks, knee lifts, jabs, lunges and squats. Always end your workout with stretches. The same post workout stretches use on land can be used in water. Stretch the legs, core, arms and shoulders.
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