Swimming Calories Burned

Be sure to get your Breaststroke on this summer and enjoy the benefits of extra swimming calories burned off of your waistline. Swimming is known for being one of the best exercises for burning calories. Did you know that you bring all of your major muscle groups into use when you swim? Check below to see how you can determine the calories you will burn while swimming this summer.

  1. The amount of calories that you burn during swimming depends upon the kind of swimming, and the effort that you put into it. Any form of swimming will generally burn between 450-950 calories per hour. Men tend to burn more calories during swimming than women, since women have more fat cells which makes them bouncier (lighter) in water.
  2. Based on a bodyweight of 150 pounds, use this as a rough estimate of the amount of calories you will burn while swimming. The Butterfly (748 calories) and the Breaststroke (680 calories) comes in first place when done with fast or vigorous effort for about an hour. If you can perform the crawl for 50 yards in a minute, you will burn 544 calories. A light swim around a pool for an hour will shed 408 calories from your waist, and synchronized swimming will burn 544 calories.
  3. Swimming burns calories efficiently but it will not make you lose weight. Swimming will burn calories and make you look fit, but because it brings major muscles into play you will gain muscle and therefore weight. So if you want to lose inches when you swim this summer, be sure to create a caloric deficit.

Remember: Swimming in cold water will stimulate your appetite, which will can encourage excessive caloric intake. Be sure to bring healthy snacks when you go swimming, like fresh fruit and nuts.

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