Swimming Coach Jobs

Swimming coach jobs might seem like they’d be hard to come by. However, when you start to research this position, you might find that there is actually a demand for professionals in this field. To become a swimming coach, you must have exceptional swimming skills yourself and be able to pass those skills onto others. After a few interviews, being offered a swimming coach job is not uncommon.

  1. Get some certifications. While official certifications aren’t always legally required, many swimming coach jobs will have it as a requirement nonetheless. Plus, it shows employers that you’re serious about your career and qualified to do the job. One popular resource is USA Swimming, which offers certification for safety, new coaches and advanced coaches.
  2. Gain experience. Before you can get hired as a full time swimming coach, you may need to gain some relevant experience. This can be easily accomplished by volunteering your time. Local nonprofit organizations, particularly those that deal with children and students, may be in need of some swimming coaches to volunteer. If you can’t find a program, approach a nonprofit with a proposal for a swimming program and offer to help out as a coach.
  3. Look in the right places. There are several places you can look for jobs as a swimming coach. Local health clubs, gyms and recreational centers may have swimming coaches on staff. Community centers are another possible employer for swimming coaches. Some school systems also employ swimming coaches that are not full-time teachers. Check with each school systems superintendent to find out the requirements for becoming a coach.
  4. Be prepared for the interview. Once you get a few interviews for swimming coach jobs, you need to be prepared for the questions. They will want to know about your skills and experience and possibly why you are interested in working as a swimming coach. Be ready to exhibit your passion for swimming, as well as your passion for teaching. If the employer can see that you care about both, then you have a better shot at getting the job.



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