Swimming Crawl Technique

To improve your fitness level, learn how to do the swimming crawl technique. It is also referred to as the forward and front crawl. The swimming crawl technique is part of the freestyle swimming style. Learning the swimming crawl technique is integral if you plan to swim professionally. Just as with any type of swimming, it takes time to build up to it.

  1. Alternate your arm movement. In the swimming crawl, one arm pushes forward while the other arm pulls backward. The arm motion is what helps to propel your body forward.
  2. Turn the hands so that the thumb is towards the bottom of the pool. Push the palm of your hands so that they are underneath your body first and then at the side towards the end of the push. This swimming crawl technique is called the S-curve.
  3. Focus on your breathing. In order to do type of swimming, you must have the breathing technique down. Otherwise, you won't be successful in the swimming crawl technique. Turn your head to the side to breath for every one and one-half arm strokes. Either turn your head to the side each time or alternate sides. When turning your head to the side, make sure to roll the body slightly to the side.
  4. Perform the flutter kick while doing the swimming crawl. The flutter kick involves kicking one leg down and simultaneously kicking the other leg up. Bend the legs slightly at the knees. The flutter kick is crucial for keeping the body balanced and in the proper position during the swimming crawl technique.



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