Swimming Drills For Men

Swimming drills for men constitute a solid workout. Swimming drills is a great way to work cardio and tone muscle. Swimming is a fun way to incorporate simple workouts and get you out of the sweaty gym. These swimming drills for men are simple and fun but provide a solid workout.

  1. Freestyle to Alternate Stroke Swimming Drill: Using the 50 yard direction in the pool, race against your best time in freestyle swimming. The drill is composed of speed freestyle for 50 yards with a return stroke of your choice. Burst the freestyle and casually return with a breast stroke then burst back into freestyle. This drill is meant for a total of 200 yards of burst freestyle.
  2. Rolling Freestyle to Backstroke Swimming Drill: The 100 yard pool is ideal for this drill. You will swim one stroke freestyle then roll into one stroke as backstroke. Alternate the entire 100 yards of the pool. This drill will work alternating muscle groups and work pool coordination and stamina. Work this drill for 200 yards, minimum.
  3. Drop Down Stoke of Choice Swimming Drill: This fun drill will work strength, cardio and breathing. Swim any stroke for a count of four and then dive down to the bottom of the pool. Sit for another count of four and then return to the surface. When you submerge immediately return to a stroke of your choice for a count of four. Return to the bottom of the pool for a four count and rinse and repeat. Do this swimming drill for 200 yards.
  4. Pool Search Swimming Drill: An entire pool work out that encompasses finding small objects in the pool. These objects can be floaters or bottom dwellers. The object here is to open a time clock and the swimmer is to diver in and find ‘X’ items in ‘X’ time. If the swimmer fails, each unrecovered objects equates to one suicide.
  5. Endurance Swimming Drill: This cardio based drill incorporates all the major strokes. The concept of this drill is easy, a swimming drill from one end of the pool to the other in a regiment of strokes. Each stroke is to cover 100 yards and should be timed. You will need at a minimum five strokes at 100 yards each (freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and butterfly as an example).
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