Swimming Exercise Program For Beginners

When planning a swimming exercise program for beginners, aim for a realistic swim schedule.  In time, a beginners swimming exercise program can help you improve your cardio ability, burn fat and increase your fitness level with minimal effects are your joints. 

  1. Warm-up. Whether your swimming exercise program has you warming up in or out of the pool, it is important to get your muscles awake and ready to work. Walk in or out of the pool for five minutes while doing arm windmills is a perfect example for a warm up for a swim exercise program for beginners.
  2. Swim intervals. Swim for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Continue this for fifteen minutes. For the next fifteen minutes, use fins or a kick board during interval training for the next fifteen minutes. This equipment gives a first-rate leg conditioning advantage. Do this two times a week
  3. Swim at a consistent pace. Twice a week get your heart really pumping by swimming laps. Start with five minutes and progressively build to fifteen minutes.
  4. Focus on technique work. Drills in a swimming exercise program for beginners will help you have better form and  stamina.  The fist drill is an example of a drill for beginners. Swimming with hands completely in a fist. No open hands. Concentrate on body position, using your forearm and elbow to bend through the stroke. Work on building how far you can get per stroke. Do a drill every workout.
  5. Cool down for a swimming exercise program. At the end of your swimming exercise program, take the time for a five minute cool down in the water by walking in shallow water or lying on your back and gently stroking and kicking.  Follow this with a five minutes stretch on a mat outside the pool to help prevent injury and put your muscles to rest to start recovery.


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