Swimming Pool Workout For Exercise

Swimming pool workout for exercise are some of the best possible workouts you can do, as swimming through water in a pool puts little to no tension on your joints and bones, but allows you to build full, strong muscles. Best of all, you don't have to join a gym, especially if you own a pool, live near a public pool or can pay a small amount to swim in a pool regularly. There are a number of different swimming pool workouts that can be used as exercises to keep you fit if you do them regularly every week.

  1. The Freestyle Sprint. This workout exercises the freestyle swimming stroke, with quick bursts of swimming, followed by rest periods. Swim fifty meters, which is usually one length across a swimming pool, five times in a row. Then rest for a minute. Then swim freestyle ten times in a row and rest for two minutes. Try doing this over and over again for fifteen to 30 minutes in a row a couple of times a week.
  2. Fins and Kick board Workout. This workout exercises your upper body and lower body equally in the water. Swim five fifty meter lengths doing freestyle and then use a kick board to swim another five fifty meter lengths just by kicking your way across the pool. Then swim five fifty meter lengths using a breast stroke and swim another five fifty meter lengths on a kick board. Try repeating this continuously for fifteen to 30 minutes straight a couple times a week.
  3. In and Out of the Pool Workout. Swim four to five lengths of any stroke you want at a medium pace. Then, climb out of the pool and do 30 seconds worth of push-ups straight, which should equate to around forty or fifty push-ups. Then do a minute's worth of crunches, which should equate to 60 to 70 sit-ups. Repeat this process for at least fifteen to 30 minutes straight, any number of times per week.
  4. Stroke Switch. Swim one full lap with freestyle, one full lap with breast stroke, one full lap with backstroke and one full lap with your kick board. Repeat this process over fifteen to 30 minutes straight a couple times per week.
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