Swimming Pool Workouts

Get in shape by doing swimming pool workouts. There are any number of activities to try. Even if you are not an avid swimmer, water aerobics and even deep water running are workout options. Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise that is also a form of resistance training. The benefit of swimming pool workouts is that it's easy on your joints, while working out your entire body. Doing swimming pool workouts are even recommended by physical therapists as the water is a great way to improve strength after an injury.

  1. Swim laps in the pool. It likely will take some time to work up to swimming full laps. It's a strenuous workout. Practice alternating swimming a full lap and using a kick-board for every other lap. This takes some of the pressure off of your arms. It's a great swimming pool workout for your legs and full body.
  2. Try deep water running. Some swimming pools offer classes in deep water running. It isn't necessary to take a class though. Strap on a buoyancy belt so that you are able to run through the water while not touching the bottom. Run just as you would on land. Run as many lanes as possible for 30 to 45 minutes per session. This swimming pool workout will blast fat and get you in shape quickly.
  3. Do side kicks in the shallow end of the swimming pool. This is an excellent swimming pool workout for a beginner. Stand in the shallow end of the pool with the water about waist or chest high. Kick one leg out to the side and bring it back down. Do the same with the other leg. Do three sets of twelve repetitions on each side.



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