Swimming Start Technique

Many races are won and lost by the swimming start technique. Poor technique can take precious seconds off of your time, while a good start can easily give you the lead you need to win the race. Many factors come into play with a good swimming start technique. A good start includes proper body position on the starting block, good form during the push and a perfect single hole dive into the water.

Most races begin on the starting block. On the block the swimmer's head should be down, hips high and as close to the edge of the block as possible. By standing in this position the body's center of gravity is also as close to the edge of the starting block as possible. Avoid rocking back and then forward at the start. This takes seconds off your time.

As the beeper goes off be ready to push off the starting block. Remember to push off when the buzzer goes off. Do not grab the block. Pushing puts you in motion towards the water faster. Use your legs to push off as well.

Proper diving is also very important for the best swimming start technique. The dive starts as soon as you push off the starting block. Using a single hole entry dive give the best advantage. During the push the feet go upwards and outwards. The head and arms stay down. The rest of the body will follow the same path into the water as the head and arms. Do not correct your depth until under water and force your way to the surface quickly.

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