Swimming Tips For Beginners

Read these swimming tips for beginners to be safe, have fun, and learn in the pool! These swimming tips help newcomers get off their feet (literally) in the water. The pool is a great place to have fun too, so check out these swimming tips to maximize your aquatic experience.

  1. Go with a partner. The first rule of swimming alone as a novice is that you don't. Seriously, it's the first on the list of swimming tips for beginners. Injuries can happen in the pool, and until you get the techniques right you'll need to have a friend nearby for assistance.
  2. Start easy. Most people begin with the "freestyle" technique. Basically, lay horizontal, make large arm circles, kick with your feet, and breathe every two repetitions with your arms. This is what many people call the 'basic' swimming technique, as well.
  3. Stretch. Yes, people pull muscles while swimming too. No list of swimming tips would be complete without this being mentioned. Swimmers always stretch so as to avoid cramps, pulled muscles, or serious injury.
  4. Hydrate. What many novice swimmer commonly believe is that the pool makes you cooler. While that may be somewhat true, you still sweat a lot when exercising, regardless of environment. Drink water not just because your exercising, but because you can't see how much you're sweating in the pool. Be healthy, and listen to those swimming tips above.
  5. Stop swimmer's ear in its tracks. This common, famous ear canal infection can be easily prevented. Mix water and vinegar together and put a few drops in your ear, let it sit, drain, and then tilt your head to pour it out. Take notes, because those are some handy swimming tips for making a homemade swimmer's ear infection.

So whether it's hydration or the buddy system, these swimming tips will keep you on track in the water. The pool can be a dangerous place for those who don't heed some caution and read up on swimming tips for beginners. That being said, while you're reading these swimming tips, don't worry too much about pool safety, but always use your head when doing anything boisterous. Have fun, and good luck future Michael Phelps!



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