Swimming Workouts For Beginners

If you are looking to add to your work out routine you may be wondering about swim workouts for beginners. Swimming is a great way to burn calories and increase strength. Swimming uses most every muscle of the body and offers a complete work out. Swimming also increases endurance as you swim longer intervals.

Short-distance intervals are a good beginning workout for swimmers. Intervals help you get use to swimming as you build up endurance, strength, and skill. The idea is to swim for about 50 yards and then taking a break for for less than a minute before continuing the next 50 yards. Continue to swim in 50 yard intervals with breaks for a complete 15 minutes. As your stamina increases and 50 yards becomes easier you can increase your yardage.

Many beginner swim workouts include drills. A good drill that will help work on proper technique is to count your strokes while swimming 25 yards. Swimmers should aim to lower their strokes as they become better. Work up to 20 strokes for every 25 yards. Proper technique includes a straight body, even strokes, controlled breathing, and smooth easy kicks. As a beginner swimmer it is important to perfect technique during workouts instead of worrying about speed.

Once a swimmer has increased technique and strength he can focus more on endurance. Endurance swim workouts for beginners start by swimming 100 yards, resting for 20 seconds, then swimming 75 yards before resting, and finally 50 yards. As endurance increases swimmers to can move up to longer distances. Once a beginner swimmer can swim a 400 yard interval he is ready to move up to more advance workouts.

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