Swimming Workouts To Lose Weight

Try to find the best way to create a great swimming workout to lose weight? If your are recovering from injury, need a low impact workout or just love a cool pool rather than a sweaty gym; then swimming is the is the workout for you to lose weight. Swimming is low impact and often enjoyable form of exercise. Unfortunately,  it is harder to see results from a swimming workout then other workouts,so a strategy is needed. The key to a successful swimming workout to lose weight is committing to a routine and pushing yourself to work to your full potential.

  1. Begin with a stretch to get your body ready. With a mat outside of the pool, start your swimming workout to lose weight with a total body stretch.
  2. Warm up to begin a successful swiming workout. Go into the pool and warm up your muscles. Swimming is low impact but you want to avoid any stress on the muscles. Swim 100m freestyle, or the pool length four times to get the body primed.
  3. Do timed strokes to set goals. A swimming workout to lose weight should focus on swimming at a steady pace. Begin by swimming for 25 seconds then stopping for 25 seconds, redoing the sequence twelve times. As your workouts to lose weight progresses, add time to the swimming period and reducing the break time.
  4. Use multiple stroking techniques so you can condition all body parts. The basic freestyle crawl builds the chest, arms, and shoulders. The backstroke works those same muscles but from different angles. The breaststroke can work the pectorals, arms, and the groin. The butterfly focuses on ab muscles. This will allow your swimming workout work on different muscle groups.
  5. Add a kickboard to boost weight loss. Allot fifteen minutes of your swimming workout to kickboarding drills. Using the kickboard is an excellent way build up your heart rate, tones your back and legs and works your core.
  6. Cool down after a swimming workout to decrease injury. Once you have completed your swimming workout, perform some leisure paced laps to get your body to its original condition. Although a swimming workout is sometimes seen as a low impact work out, it can be an concentrated workout on your muscles. The slow laps will regulate your breathing, return your heart rate  and blood pressure, and reduce the chances of injury.
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