Swing Lifestyle

The swing lifestyle is a sexual way of life that couples engage in to add excitement, variety, or passion to their relationship. Some couples are in the swinging lifestyle for excitement and variety, and other couples are in it to quench sexual urges. Swinging requires couples to swap partners for sexual activity. It is common for older people to be swingers rather than younger people, but the person must be sexually adventurous no matter what age. Swingers meet across the internet, from clubs or organizations exclusively for swingers.

The swing lifestyle was invented in the 16th century. John and Jane Dee signed an agreement with Edward Kelley and his wife; an agreement that permitted the couples to engage in sexual activities with each other. During the 1960s, the swing lifestyle became popular with birth control pills and contraceptives. Currently, the swing lifestyle is the same as it was in the 1960s. Swinging couples will swap partners for a night, or a single person will attempt to single swing.

There are two types of swinging: soft swapping and full swapping. Beginners usually start with soft swapping to test the swinging lifestyle. Soft swapping involves kissing, oral sex or the girls having sexual contact while their male partners watch. Full swapping involves swapping partners for sexual intercourse.

Swingers are expected to be polite and friendly during the swap. Be wary of boundaries, insecurities and fetishes. Excitement can be brought into a relationship with a swing lifestyle, but it can also destroy the love. Be careful when getting into the swinger lifestyle, especially if one person in the relationship is hesitant. Remember, sex with multiple partners will increase risks of catching STDs. Swingers stay protected with birth control and condoms, so the risk of pregnancy and STDs is decreased. Nonetheless, the swing lifestyle is a new horizon to explore for many couples.

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