Switzerland Tourism Guide

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The Switzerland tourism guide for the beautiful country located in Central Europe, would include information on activities that occur during its varied humid, slightly rainy summers, as well as its colder winters. Switzerland borders France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria to the east, and Germany to the north. Its omnipresent mountains are a sight to behold, as well as the central plateau of rolling hills, lakes, and tranquil plains. Switzerland is known for its outstanding scenery, so this guide will focus mainly on the most magnificent views.

Interior Travel – Switzerland offers a number of different types of trains. The schedules color coded schedules include a yellow sheet for departures and white, for arrivals. Fast trains are designated in red. Use the official website, to plan longer trips for more accurate transfer information. Visitors also may enjoy other modes of transport, such as biking during certain seasons, as well as car rentals.


The Seven Wonders of Switzerland – The must-see Seven Wonders feature breathtaking fare to experience. Start with the Castle of Chillon near Montreux, and the Lavaux vineyard on the shores of Lake Geneva. See the extraordinary Castles of Bellinzona, all located in the southern canton of  Ticino. Another place to visit is the Abbey of  St. Gallen, at the top of Europe and the Sphinx observatory. There you will find a village-like town with a post office, high upon the Jungfraujoch region, above Wengen. Then see the Grande Dixence, a high scenic dam, just south of Sion. Visit the Landwasser viaduct, located on the railway, just between the gorgeous St. Moritz and Chur regions.

Villages and Valleys – Visitors may enjoy the Matterhorn, from Schwarzsee, Gornergrat, and the quaint village of Zermatt. From the north, are two very celebrated mountains in the Alps, Jungfrau and Eiger, which may be seen from the Lauterbrunnen valley. They can also be viewed from one of many summits, which can be reached by train, car, or cable. The Aletsch Glacier is another option for visitors, as well as the Aletsch Wild Forest, set above the glacier, best viewed from above. The Bettmeralp lakes in Upper Engadine are in the highest inhabited valley of the Alps. Located at the foot of Piz Bernina, all of these places may be viewed from Muottas, Muragl, and  Lake Lucerne, from Pilatus, hovering above. Visitors will also enjoy the Oeschinensee, which features an unparalleled, refreshing, mountain lake. The Kandersteg Rhine Falls offers boat rides right through to the rock, in the middle of the falls.

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Alpina Green Trail – Enjoy a hike along Altdorf to Adelboden. Breathe the fresh mountain air and view the magnificent scenery along the legendary Swiss alpine mountains. Pack and take a picnic lunch, weather permitting. Find comfortable lodgings and great cuisine at affordable costs, all within reach in the middle of the mountainous landscape. Review a trip report including a description and route overview, with a packing list and other helpful references.

Bern – Visit the Bern region, where you can see the bear-pit at Bärengraben. The park is great for singles and families alike. While in the vicinity, go up to Gurten, the local mountain. There you may enjoy the best panoramic views in the region, over the entire city, as well as the Alps. Families may enjoy the special playground that includes a miniature train. All of this is reachable by walking on several easy to navigate trails. Be sure to see the French church, built during 1270 to 1285. As the oldest church in the region, the arches and pulpit remain seemingly untouched. Also view the nostalgic Einstein House, in the center the Old City. The second floor of Kramgasse 49, near the Clock Tower, holds an apartment where Einstein resided for a few years. Photos, documents, and some of Einstein's writings may be viewed.

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