Swollen Ankles Causes

These swollen ankles causes can lead to this very painful and annoying condition. It can also cause panic and worry in those experiencing it for the first time. Inflammation in the ankles are caused by many different reasons. Many times swollen ankles can lead to other problems or can be the first sign of an underlying medical condition. Here are things that can contribute to swollen ankles.

  1. Standing. Standing can cause the ankles to swell. Individuals who stand for a long period of time can cause a non-serious type of swelling in the ankles. The condition is does not usually require medical treatment and usually heals on its own, but can be very uncomfortable.
  2. Serious medical condition. Some serious medical conditions can cause swollen ankles. Conditions such as kidney failure, liver disease and heart disease swelling and water retention in the ankles. These conditions require the treatment by a medical professional.
  3. Abnormal blood flow. Abnormal blood flow will also cause the ankles to become swollen. Blood clotting is an example of poor blood circulation which can cause swelling around the ankles. This type of swelling can be very dangerous and will require medical attention.
  4. Medications. Some medications are known to cause swelling in the ankles. Different types of medications such as high blood pressure, antidepressants and steroids cause the ankles to swell. Swelling from these medications should disappear after a few days if not a doctor should be contacted.
  5. Joint diseases. Some diseases of the joints such as gout and arthritis will also cause the ankles to swell. Arthritis of the joints can be very painful but there are medications that can help ease the pain.
  6. Strains and sprains. Strains and sprains of the joints may also cause swelling. Strains and sprains can come from falls, sport injuries and many other factors. Some of these condition will heal on their own, while others require medical treatment.
  7. High sodium foods. Certain foods and a diet that are high in sodium will cause the body to retain water, which will cause the ankles to swell. Reducing the salt intake will help cut down on the swelling in the ankles.
  8. Hormonal changes in women. Hormonal changes in women can also contribute to ankle swelling. Pregnancy and menstruation is the most common cause of swollen ankles due to hormonal changes.
  9. Laxatives. Excessive use of laxatives may cause individuals to experience swollen ankles. Laxatives are usually used to help induce a bowel movement during the a person becomes constipated.
  10. Obesity. Obesity can contribute to ankle swelling. Those who carry excessive weight may find that walking for long periods of time may cause them to retain water in their ankles. The ankles can become very tight and uncomfortable, causing individuals to decrease their walking distance.
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