Swollen Feet Causes

Learn about swollen feet causes and which problems can be treated naturally. Swollen feet occur when there is excess buildup of fluid in the muscles. This excess fluid can cause weight gain over a period of time. Learning more about what causes feet to swell may help you avoid future problems with your health.

  1. Eating a poor diet. Eating a diet high in salt will cause the body to retain more fluids and may cause feet to swell. The traditional American diet is high in salt, preservatives and processed foods, which lead to fluid retention, bad health and future health problems. Avoid eating more than 3/4 teaspoons of salt daily for optimum health.
  2. Being overweight. Another reason that causes people to have swollen feet is being overweight. When judging the proper weight for an individual, look at the BMI (body mass index). Anything over 25 BMI is considered to be overweight. A healthy diet must also be one that reduces fat to no more than 30 percent of the calorie intake.
  3. Age. A common condition of the elderly is swollen feet, legs and ankles. Years of wear and tear will cause swollen feet, disease and circulation problems. Remember to baby your feet and rest when swelling and pain is involved.
  4. Pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, having fluid retention is normal. To avoid swollen feet when you are pregnant, limit all salt intake and drink lots of water.
  5. Foot Injuries, heel spurs and calcified bones. Feet problems can cause severe pain and loss of mobility. Calcified bones may happen when inflammation or feet swelling is not treated properly as in the case of heel spurs and feet injuries.  
  6. Poor circulation. Poor blood circulation can be caused by many things and will cause feet to swell. Poor blood circulation is a side effect of diet and disk problems. Sluggish veins or arteries also attribute to swollen feet causes.
  7. Blood clot. Deep vein thrombosis is where a blood clot is deep inside a vein in the body. Some people have gotten deep vein thrombosis from taking a long plane ride without getting up to exercise their legs. Deep vein thrombosis causes feet to swell, calf pain, warmness in the calf and more. This is a life threatening emergency and should be treated by a physician immediately.  
  8. Surgery on the leg or foot. Surgery of any type can cause fluid retention and swelling, especially when it concerns your leg or foot. Feet surgery will cause temporary swelling that will eventually disappear. A low salt diet will not remedy feet swelling from surgery, but will help.
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