Swollen Gums Around Tooth Causes

What causes swollen gums around teetth? There are several conditions that can cause this, ranging from poor dental hygiene to a severe vitamin deficiency. It's important to take good care of the teeth, because when teeth are ignored, it can affect more than just the tooth. Swollen gums are often painful and bothersome, and may require treatment. Below are the most common causes of swollen gums around tooth. 

  1. Bad dental hygiene. Failure to brush and floss the teeth regularly may lead to serious problems with the teeth and gums. When teeth are not cleaned, food often gets stuck between the gums, causing pain and discomfort in the long run. When this happens, the gums become a very attractive habitat for bacteria, which can cause swelling in the gums. It also leads to gum infections, which can be very uncomfortable. Tooth decay can also lead to swelling in the gums. 
  2. Excessive sugar intake. Eating an unhealthy diet that consists of a lot of sugar and junk is a common cause of irritation to the gums and teeth. Sugar allows more opportunity for various dental problems to arise, such as tooth decay and swelling in the gums. Diets that are high in refined foods are extremely bad for the health of the mouth, while high-fiber foods and vegetables are good for the gums. 
  3. Prosthesis. Sometimes, a dental prosthesis that is incorrectly fitted can cause irritation to the gums and mouth. If a crown is too tight or bothersome, it can cause extreme discomfort that may include swelling in the gums around the teeth. 
  4. Vitamin C deficiency. A severe lack of Vitamin C is also a known cause of swelling in the gums around the teeth. When combined with a poor diet, this can cause numerous dental and health problems. 
  5. Side effects of drugs. Certain drugs and medications may cause side effects which may include swelling in the mouth and other dental issues. It is best to discuss all potential side effects with you doctor before taking a drug. 
  6. Brushing too hard. Many people often think that they are doing their teeth a favor by brushing hard, but this can actually cause irritation to the gums. If you brush too hard or use a bad toothbrush, the gums will often bleed and swell up to a certain extent. 
  7. Gum disease. Swelling in the gums is commonly seen in cases of gum disease. It is always wise to see a dentist when you are experiencing swelling in the gums so that an underlying cause can be established. 
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